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Here are just a few gems of information that will get you on the winning path!

Probate leads are potential seller clients who inherit properties they often want to sell quickly after going through the probate process (the legal process of transferring the assets of a deceased person to heirs). Since many heirs live out of state, or are otherwise not prepared to maintain the property, they often look to sell quickly.


For most new real estate investors, locating, pitching, and closing probate leads sounds right up there with root canal as a way to spend an afternoon. You may even think probate investors are like ambulance chasing lawyers-except they actually chase hearses! The last thing you want to do is bother a grieving widow to make a buck, so probate investing is just not worth it…That is until you start reading about the jaw dropping deals many investors who specialize in probate leads are pulling in.

Like most great real estate lead generation strategies, the hardest part is getting started. That’s why Byron has put together proven strategies to help you win more Probate Real Estate deals.

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